W. P. Synder JR.

One of the last of the Mark Twain era Steamboats, anchored in Marietta Ohio in the Picturesque Muskingum River aht the foot of Sacra Via Park.
The W. P. SYNDER, JR was presented to the Ohio Historical Society by the Crucible Steel Company of America, September 1955. It is administered as a section of RIVER MUSEUM of the Campus Martius State Memorial Mueseum of Marietta, Ohio.
The River Museum at Marietta was sponsored by the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen and this organization has been responsible for the elaborate display of the many scale models, photographs, paintings, and other notable memorabilia of the glamorous steamboat age on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The W. P. SYNDER, paddle wheel is 21 feet in diameter and she is known as a „Poolboat“ with the pilot house set forward on the second deck with two hinged smokestacks which enable her to clear the low bridges in the Monongahela River. The pilot wheel is 11 feet in diameter with a 7ft. stroke, generating 750 H. P. The SNYDER has four „Western River Boilers“ 28 feet long and 40″ in diameter using automatic stocker-fed bitumionous coal. The SNYDER while modern in many respects retains the 19th Century characteristics of the Mark Twain era with such innovations as engine room bells, „hog.chain“ supports and general cabin and stateroom construction. It is one of the last of the great proud fleet of steamboats which brought prosperity and a rich tradition to the great Ohio River Valley.
THE W. P. SYNDER, JR,. is open to the public daily from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. with a nominal admission charge.

Published by Richardson Prining Corp., Marietta Ohio – © Kodachrome by S. Durwald Hoag