IDLEWILD Sternwheel packet built by James Rees & Sons Co., Pittsburgh, 1914.
She was delivered to Memphis, Tenn. in 1915 and did her job as a ferry boat, packet
and also as an excursion boat.
She had many owners an in 1932 she became an excursion boat for Louisville, Kentucky.
In 1948 she was sold to the AVALON Steamboat Company, which had gone in insolvency
in 1962.
After this the Jefferson County and Fiscal Court bought the boat. And today she is
an excursion boat again – the famous BELLE OF LOUISVILLE.

Hull size 157.5 x 36 x 5.
Rumpfabmessungen: L = 48,006 m, B = 10,9728 m, Rumpfhöhe: 1,524 m

3rd model kit of the „STEAMBOAT MUELLER“.

left side IDLEWILD, right side HARRY LEE
from right to legt: VALLEY QUEEN?, US Dredgeboat OMEGA, IDLEWILD