FAR WEST (Model)

Built in Pittsburgh by Capt`n S. B. Colson for Missouri- River. She was 180 feet in length, 33 feet beam and 4 1/2 feet depth in hold. Had three boilers with engines 15 inches in diameter and five feet stroke. She loaded out and departed Pittsburgh due Fort Benton on March 25th, 1870.

At time of Custer massacre, she brought the wounded from Little Big Horn- River to Fort Lincoln, a distance of 710 miles in 54 hours; the famous Missouri- River- Captain Grant Marsh was in command.

She struck a snag and sunk in Missouri River at Mullanthy Island 7 miles below Saint Charles, Missouri on Oct. 30th 1883.

Further information: https://www.si.edu/object/ship-model-river-steamboat-far-west:nmah_1341779